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As a business owner, you probably know real results take time and effort. Well, the same applies to your marketing. We do things differently around here. We’re not going to promise you the moon and stars but deliver dust.

Real marketing involves risks, including the potential loss of money, and past performance does not guarantee future results. The results on our website come from a meticulous approach that combines patience, knowledge, money, and effort.

We bring the knowledge and the effort. You bring patience and money. Together, we’ll build an engine that works non-stop to bring you the results you came for in the first place.

We break things, leave the norm, measure, optimize, and then improve. This tailored approach ensures you get real-time feedback from your market, which means, not only will you get to know your market on a deep level, but also have the data you can use for future wins.

Having said that, let’s see why we
may NOT be a good fit:

Your business is nearly extinct

Your company’s existence depends on this partnership. We can’t be your lifeline, and if working with us will make or break your business, then we might not be a match.

You expect results right away

If you’re expecting results the day after tomorrow, unfortunately – we’re not a fit. What we build is a growth engine that takes some time to kick in. But once it does, we’re game.

You can’t commit

If you’re not ready to commit long-term, let’s not even start the conversation. We don’t want to waste your time, as much as we don’t like wasting ours. Real growth takes time, and the results that we can bring to you do not happen overnight. However, we trust the process we’ve developed and applied for over 150 businesses to help them scale.

You lack the funds

If money is tight right now, let’s chat once you have a more flexible budget. Look, we understand you must have a lot on your plate, but what we know took us years of hard work, dedication, and money to develop. And you need money to make money.

You know it all

Let’s be honest. If you’re reading this far, you might need help from a team that has several decades of experience building marketing systems that deliver. So, if you are not willing to take our advice and you know how everything works, we may not be a perfect fit. Keep in mind, that this is not our first rodeo – we’ve helped over 150 companies grow.

But, if you have a solid team, trust
the process, and have no problem
investing in your business, then we
might just be a perfect match.

Our guarantee?

What we can guarantee is 100% of our attention, involvement, and straight-up, no B.S. approach. We say what we mean, and we say it often. The goal is to grow your business, something we do daily for our clients.

And to give you some breathing space, you’ll have a 21-day trial period. Meaning, that if for any reason within that timeframe, you don’t see us fit, we’ll part ways, and refund your investment–no questions asked!
So, if you’re ready to expand your reach, revenue, and business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t click that button below. Have a chat with our founder. Bring your best questions on the call. Let’s see if this is the start of one mutually beneficial partnership!

Think we’re a fit?

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These guys trusted us look at what happened

Kira Tchernikovsky

Milos has a well-structured approach that works effectively for 1:1 LinkedIn outreach.

At times of total noise in the digital space, it is so rare to find an expert who knows his stuff, confidently shares his professional opinion, delivers on the promise, and becomes a real trusted partner.

With Milos, I was able to grow my professional network, boost brand familiarity and generate leads within my target audiences in a short period of time.

Mima Temori

Working with Milos and his amazing team completely transformed my outbound system and the way I’m generating leads for my business. Their strategy is simple, yet so effective. In a short period of time, we booked 12 highly qualified calls with amazing prospects.

I was highly satisfied with their communication, their ideas, and above all, the knowledge and the power that Milos brought into the game. Highly recommended!

Andreas Lennartz

Milos and his team are sales professionals who specialized in LinkedIn marketing. They helped me a lot in setting up the right sales approach – especially in finding the right leads and approaching them. I can fully recommend Milos if you are looking for someone to support you with your social media sales activities.

Michal Sestak

Milos is very thorough and systematic as a lead generation expert, reliable at booking qualified appointments on a daily/weekly basis. We have a great relationship and I can definitely recommend working with him and his team!

Joran Hofman

First of all, Milos is a great guy to work with, says how it is so you can skip all the ‘fluff’. Next to that, he knows his stuff regarding LinkedIn lead generation and overall outbound sales. If you are looking to grow your business and want more focus on your business development; talk to Milos.

Michael Plant

Milos and his team at Surge have been fantastic to work with. They are adaptive and results-driven. Their work has been outstanding and we’ve experienced awesome results using their systems. Milos is punctual, and a great communicator and I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Thanks, Milos!

Oliver Mould

Milos has been instrumental in creating leads for my business! It is amazing the capacity in which he gets out emails which my business can simply not achieve in-house. He is personal, knowledgeable, and calm. What stands out from him is his capacity to take paints to understand your business USP; and his constant updating with new and qualified leads.

Thanks Milos and Surge!

Omar Ali

Milos is a hard worker and completed our work together excellently! He is always on time, works without any supervision, crushes goals and he does it in style! If you’re looking for a LinkedIn lead generation expert, you must hire Milos and Surge. You definitely will not be disappointed. He’ll crush the strategy for you without any questions and you will be super happy! Once again I highly recommend Milos and his team for your lead generation needs!

Anupam Gandhi

Surge team successfully booked 12+ meetings in the 1st month of engagement, meeting the expectations of the internal team. They communicate professionally when booking and rescheduling appointments.

The engagement resulted in an influx of new leads, over 20% of which were converted into new paid accounts. Milos communicates with the on a daily basis to facilitate an effective workflow. Not only are they transparent, but they’re also a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended. We will continue working with them in other verticals of our business!

Matthew Bennett

Milos and his team have helped transform my video business. We saw results within the first month of working with the team at Surge. We have no doubt we will see more great results in the future. Thanks Surge!

Myles Eve

I recommend Milos and the team at Surge, they have provided valuable support in helping my business generate more leads. Their services have been beneficial in driving growth and improving our customer acquisition efforts. Their team of professionals possesses a good understanding of digital marketing strategies and utilizes them to attract targeted traffic and increase conversions.

Chris Demer

Can’t recommend Milos and his team at Surge enough! Their relentless efforts in lead generation have exceeded all expectations. Their tailored approach, coupled with professionalism and transparency, has led to a significant boost in good-quality leads. Their energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to customer satisfaction is truly remarkable. If you’re seeking high-quality leads for your business, look no further than Surge!

Tanner Browning

Milos and his team have been dedicated and have helped my video business take great strides in its growth. They make the whole onboarding process work like clockwork and are great to work with as an internal member of my own team. Only a few months in and I’m already seeing results!

Andrei Soroker

Milos and team offer a no-nonsense, well-run, flexible top-of-funnel sales intelligence service. I’ve learned quite a lot from Milos and have recommended – and enthusiastically continue to recommend – his service to many other founders.

Ian Yanusko

Milos and the Surge team really helped us ramp up our lead acquisition. After just 2-3 months of working with them, they have reliably gotten us up to 10 calls a week, and the quality of the calls continues to increase as we narrow our focus. Definitely recommend working with Milos to put your lead acquisition on autopilot.

Avi Richards

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Milos. I hired Milos and his team after speaking with him a few times, and they’ve helped me generate new business for my company. His level of responsiveness and willingness to answer any questions of mine is second to none. Both he and his team are extremely professional and would make an incredible sales asset to any business!

Dave Neale

Milos and his team have worked with us over the past few months and they’ve been very proactive, supportive, and open to ideas. We are making amazing progress and I hope it will lead to even more opportunities in the near future.

Max Schillinger

Milos and his team have been a tremendous asset to my agency by providing valuable assistance in our sales outreach, resulting in the acquisition of new clients. Surge’s approach emphasizes personalized communication with potential clients, avoiding any appearance of automated emails. This genuine interaction is of utmost importance when reaching out to prospects and Surge is the team for the job!

Marina Gee

Milos and his team are great to work with! Communication was very thorough and responsive. My suggestions and requests were addressed promptly. I was very impressed with the personal touches and research that my outreach messages contained. Overall, would definitely recommend working with them!

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